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Monday, October 13, 2014

Batman: arkham knight Preview

Double-teaming foes with your car now Bat’s entertainment
He can’t dance, his interpersonal skills are hugely lacking, and he has a terrible singing voice. But there are some things Batman does better than anybody, particularly under the expert guidance of Rocksteady.

as you might expect by now then, arkham Knight’s visuals look set to mark a new high point for third-person action games (only The Order: 1886 is in the same ball park), its combat makes Neo’s fights with the agents in The matrix look like a Punch and Judy show, and its open-world traversal will have you treading all corners of the map just for the joy of it.The latter’s especially true in this case, because for the first time in the series one such traversal method at your disposal is the Batmobile. The actual Batmobile. That’s the easiest sell in all of videogames. “Why should I buy this?” Batmobile. “Yes, I see.”

Scare tactics
We get behind the… er does it have a wheel? just as hessian-sacked villain Scarecrow takes over the ace chemicals facility, taking workers hostage and trying to find a way to manufacture his toxic weapons in huge quantities. What we discover along the way to saving those souls is that the Batmobile works a bit like your partner in combat you can end a combo by uppercutting your foe into the air for the car to finish off with its turret. But of course that’s academic, because we had you at “Batmobile.”

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