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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crimson Dragon Take to the skies

Films that have been turned into video game more times than not have a reputation of totally stinking, and the recent How to Train Your Dragon game is no exception. But this isn’t a review of Toothless and friends, but rather of a game that kind of takes the premise and does its own thing.

Crimson Dragon take place in a fantasy world, where humans have bonded with dragons and eventually earned their trust so that they could be ridden. Start seeing the similarities now? Well, you should, because that will give you a good idea of what it’s all about but better.

See, these dragons aren’t just your run of the mill flying reptiles, as they have been outfitted with a massive arsenal of guns and explosives. Starting the game, players will take to the skies on a pretty average dragon.

Making use of two firing modes, gamers will be able to shoot forwards and backwards by turning the camera.There are other dragons that will try to hinder your quests, and ultimately players will discover there is a HUGE dragon that has awoken after a very long slumber which needs to be subdued. The plot of the game pretty much revolves around gamers doing odd missions that build up to them taking on one of the biggest dragons this side of the sun. Naturally, players will unlock
different dragons to battle with, each with their own strengths.

The graphics aren’t fantastic, but for a free Xbox Live game, it is pretty much worth it. It’s one of those games where it wouldn’t take you very long to complete, but its great fun to play for a couple of minutes a day.

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