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Monday, October 13, 2014


campo Santo’s debut is as beautiful as it is intriguing
In 1989, struggling writer Henry takes a job as a lookout in a National Park in Wyoming, watching for forest fires. His only companion is Delilah, his supervisor, who keeps in touch with him via walkie-talkie.

Hardly a typical premise for a videogame, but Firewatch already has us excited after an early look. The first-person, story-driven thriller will have you solving sinister mysteries in a world and a beautiful one to boot that reacts to your actions and choices.

It’s got a hell of a pedigree. Developer campo Santo is a newly-formed studio consisting of veterans from the likes of Telltale, Double Fine and Klei. between them they’ve worked on hits including The Walking Dead, mark Of The Ninja and Gone Home. The crux of the game is the relationship between Henry and Delilah, voiced with startling realism by rich Summer (mad men’s Harry crane)
and cissy Jones (Katjaa from The Walking Dead). You’re in constant contact, and can report in to her about any object or situation you encounter to get her thoughts on it. Which objects you chat about and which of the dialogue choices you pick in conversation will change how she thinks of you.

Park life

Despite a focus on freedom of choice, the developers have made it clear that there won’t be a branching storyline. characters may react to you differently, but the big story beats will always be the same.The game looks gorgeous in motion, with a bold colour palette that makes the forest backdrop seem like a huge matte painting. We’re yet to see any of the game’s characters in person, but Henry’s chunky, cartoony hands suggest they’ll have a Pixar-esque look. We won’t get a proper look until nearer the 2015 release, but we’ll be watchful.

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