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Saturday, October 11, 2014

LEGO Batman 3 Heroes and Villains arise!

What is the earth to do when evil rises in the pursuit of collecting the universe as miniature cities and planets? When the very heroes of the universe, the Lanterns in the darkness, have been used and their planets shrunk for the sake of a memento?

Brainiac, the mastermind behind this dastardly plot has used the Lantern Rings to achieve his goal and now, utilizing disguises, the ability to control minds and the collected Lantern Rings, he is truly a formidable opponent.

The Caped Crusader returns for yet another actionpacked adventure that pulls him out of Gotham and thrusts him into outer space to save the earth from becoming a trinket in Brainiac’s pocket. However, such a tremendous task will require more than a fancy suit and detective skills, and the Justice League jumps in to help.

However, even that is not enough and a collaboration of villains and heroes embark on an outer world escapade for the salvation of the universe.

As with all Lego titles, humour is the method of madness and LEGO Batman 3 continues where its predecessors left off. With a unique storyline filled with more plot twists than Wonder Woman’s twirling whip and an impressive roster of characters bringing this title to life in the assortment of unique personalities present.

It boasts an impressive roster of over 150 unique, playable characters, including members of the Justice league and a selection of villains, as well as BIG LEGO characters the likes of undead Solomon Grundy and the android Cyborg.

Missions will consist of puzzles to solve, mazes to explore and escape, races to find codes and more. Fight not only as your favourite hero and villain but fly in your specialized space-ship and blast down foes in the darkness of space.

The Bat-tastic Gadget wheel will allow player to upgrade their incredible abilities and powers as well as character suits, though only some playable characters will have a variety of suits to use. Costumes will be based on alteregos, comic reiterations and Cinema versions such as Man of Steel Zod, Man of Steel Superman, Batman Begins Batman and more.

Iconic areas such as the Hall of Justice, Watchtower and Batcave will give players access to shops, trophy rooms and vehicle customizers, to ensure victory against foes.

For the first time, players will travel into outer space, moving across the galaxy to the various Lantern Worlds such as Zamaron and Odym in search of the Lantern Rings, the only way to stop Brainiac.

The hand-held version of the game offers Zero-Gravity gameplay, combat made unique with the all-new LEGO Hazard Builds. 45 Playable missions will focus on fastpaced gameplay along the original storyline featuring more than 105 characters.

Available on all platforms, the LEGO series looks to enthral gamers regardless of console and continuing the Legacy of the DC world and its collaboration with the zany world of LEGO, sure to continue for a long time.

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