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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Make your own masterpiece Paint PlayStation history today

Now this is an art attack. Following on from the PlayStation mural that was painted outside the LA Convention Center during E3 week, you can now make your own Gamer Masterpiece. Thanks to some seriously clever web design  over at Sony’s Greatness Awaits homepage, you’re able to cherry pick your favourite game heroes and have them adorn  a customised work  of art. Move aside, The Starry Night.

paints row

we took to Facebook to seek your assistance in creating the ultimate PlayStation painting. Suffice to say, you didn’t let us down. With Charles Antoine Coypel’s Fury Of Achilles as our backdrop,  you voted for which gaming stars would adorn the canvas. Not all of your choices are pictured due to space restrictions sorry Nate and Knack but you still plumped for some mighty fine gaming icons.

With two PlayStation heroes vying for each blank slot on the mural, competition was stiffer than a David Cage script (we love you really, Davie). Delsin Rowe beat out Destiny’s Hunter Guardian class, Agent 47 fiber-wired Diablo III’s Malthael, while everyone’s favourite tech vigilante Aiden Pearce saw off Isabeau from The Order: 1866 to claim his spot.

Not content with your fellow readers’ picks? Just visit the site to forge a masterpiece that would make the late Tony Hart proud. With a choice of three famous works of art, multiple frames and the chance to insert your very own mug among gaming greats, there’s plenty of scope for artistic license. That said, if anyone goes for NBA 2K15’s cover athlete Kevin Durant over Nathan Drake, you’ll be seeing us after class. Now go get painting…

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