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Friday, October 24, 2014

Quick Review: Hohokum Wow, such colourful

Hohokum is weird. But it’s a good kind of weird, if “good kind of weird” is a phrase you don’t mind hearing when it comes to video games. You control a snake like creature as it zips and spirals and twirls its way around myriad 2D levels. The goal is to locate your fellow snake like buddies by fulfilling the often charming requirements of each area. Each of the requirements and levels are all unique, but gameplay doesn’t ever deviate from flying around the level bumping into specific things. I realise that sounds vague it’s actually a tricky game to describe. There’s no explanation or tutorial, which kind of adds to the whole “art” theme that pervades Hohokum's everything.

stark white backgrounds. There were moments when I could have quite happily paused the game and just hung my TV on the wall like a piece of contemporary graphic design. It's a gorgeous “game”. Throw in some sublime music tracks by various electronic artists (Tycho's stuff is particularly incredible and hasn't left my playlist in weeks) and you've got something that doesn't often happen in this industry.

At times the game can feel overly self indulgent. Some might be put off by the total lack of instructions, and until you figure out where the hub world starts and portals lead, you might feel overwhelmed and a little bit lost. The sheer creativity in the worlds and characters is what will
keep you moving forward.

If playable, digital art is something that piques your interests, then I recommend Hohokum. If you’re into contemporary graphic art and deeply synthesized music that weaves and adapts as you play, then you need to be all over this game. If you’re a fan of the more conventional gaming experience, then avoid. Otherwise, dive in and soak up all the colours.

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