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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

shattering 2D for new Dimensions geometry wars powers-up in playstation debut

truly, the green-eyed monster is a despicable jerk. back in 2008, the beast shook us in its grasp as we enviously looked on while an all-conquering 2D twin-stick score attack shooter dominated and broke every Xbox live sales record.

now, though, that all changes: geometry wars is finally popping its playstation cherry after years on the other side of the console can thank activision for the twin-stick blaster’s return and its upcoming release on ps3 and ps4. or, more specifically, sierra. the  long dormant, former publisher was resurrected by activision at gamescom, with its co-founder Ken williams confirming it would go, “forward as an indie-specific brand.”geometry wars 3: Dimensions is the first title to carry the badge of the freshly resuscitated sierra. and sweet baby Jeebus if it isn’t pretty enough to cave-in your corneas.

unlike its predecessors, which started off life as a mini-game in project gotham racing 2, Dimensions finally makes the brave jump to that wacky third dimension. 

planet of the shapes

now, rather than traverse a 2D plane, you must circumnavigate glorious, glittering and ever rippling three dimensional shapes. it should move the shooting action more in line with psn corker resogun… just jettison the tiny green dudes for more mathematically-concerned combat. and there’s set to be plenty of that on the angular menu gw  3’s campaign contains 50 stages that will utterly ruin your thumbs.

your friends can also join in the finger-crumpling fun, as Dimensions supports local four-player co-op and competitive online action (a series first). add in ten different modes and hi-score obsessives are in for  a bumper package. man, it’s nice to have that monster off our backs.   

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