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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Maps

Whatever multiplayer game it is that you might be playing, you’ll soon find that particular maps start to stand out as your favourites. Cognisant of that fact, the Call Of Duty series has made a habit of bringing back one or two fan favourites with every release. Even though that might be more of a challenge in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,given that the series’ movement mechanics have been overhauled, it’s something we still expect to see. Here are some of the classic maps that we want to see make a return…

THIS MAP WAS great fun.Why ? Because it was tiny, making it incredibly chaotic. Expect to die a lot.Airstrike killstreaks were absolutely deadly on this map, so it would be interesting to see what aerial killstreaks Advanced Warfare could put at our fingertips.Well, assuming we could survive long enough in Shipment to use them.

LAUNCH Black Ops
IF FOR NO other reason that we enjoyed seeing chumps getting smoked by standing under the rocket that would launch midway through the match, we’d appreciate seeing a new version of Launch in Advanced Warfare.We loved the sense of apprehension you'd get when approaching the railway ridge.

ONE OF COD'S most beloved maps, Nuketown is the epitome of balance, courtesy of the fact that it’s almost symmetrical.The fact that it’s relatively small means that matches on it tend to be fast-paced and chaotic.Also, a nuclear bomb goes off at the end of the match, killing everyone before they reanimate as zombies.

ONE OF THE most popular maps in Modern Warfare 2,Terminal’s already had a remake in Modern Warfare 3.We don’t care; we’ll happily play this one again.Terminal is excellent for mid range combat, making Assault Rifles and SMGs a must.Don’t expect Advanced Warfare’s dash mechanic to allow you to survive in the hallway of death, though.

REGARDED BY CODveterans as one of the greatest maps in theseries’history, we had to put
Crash into contention for anAdvanced Warfareremake.Whatever approach you take on this map,
there’s always a fl anking route, always a way to counter it and that makes for some incredibly
exciting back-and-forth matches.

GRID Black Ops
WITH MULTIPLE BUILDINGS, plenty of cover and opportunities for flanking, Grid was quite simply a well designed map. Presumably we wouldn't get the RC killstreak to make use of the ventilation shafts in Advanced Warfare, but we think the map is good enough to stand on its own without that element.

ONE OF THE best things about this map is that games on it tended not to follow the same pattern, as can be the case in certain COD maps. Perhaps Advanced Warfare’s dash mechanic would help snipers in their scramble for the central tower, but the rest of us will stick to close quarters, thank you very much.

TURBINE Black Ops 2
THIS MAP SUPPORTS a variety of styles, with snipers using buildings overlooking the map’s open centre, and close quarters players favouring the paths leading from the central area.The way that you can climb most of the rocks and cliffs sets it apart, and that verticality would only be enhanced by a double jump.

UNLESS YOU'RE A sniper, this map can be frustrating if you try and dig in alongside the players trading blows from the offices at each end of the map. That’s why it’s vital to make use of the multi tiered nature of Highrise to flank your enemies indeed, that’s what makes it a good map. Watch out for the git who always takes you out from the end of the crane.

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