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Friday, November 7, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition A Renaissance inquisition

Oh boy, weapons crafting! I'm going to make A chainsaw gun.
Yep, Inquisition is bringing customisable weapons and armour, with collectable recipes and ingredients to make the arsenal of your dreams. Character creation is also packed with sliders and options, so if you want a beardy red eyed gruff man with pink eyeshadow and a broken nose, then you can.

That’s quite the detail.
There’s more the art design is based on Renaissance oil paintings, with defined palettes to represent each race, realistic fabric textures and an overall moodiness reminiscent of the time when pretty much everyone had the plague. Tarot cards are used for race, gender and multiplayer selection screens, inspired by European folk and fairy tale art. It looks fabulous.

But what about combat?
It’s multi-layered there are third-person hands on fights, but if that gets a bit much then you can step out into the strategic tac-cam, which freezes the action and gives your four-person team more direction. Ask them to help you out with a big guy, or spread them out.

Sounds the beginnings of a photo mode...
It could well be. There are no promises yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if Inquisition had a go. We're keen to show off our pretty, beardy character design.

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