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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dust: An Elysian Tail, Ps4 Review

Furries. Why did it have to be furries? It’s a typical reaction to first seeing 2D role-playing/action mash-up Dust in motion, but if you let this knee-jerk thinking get in the way of sampling PlayStation Plus’ newest treat, you're robbing yourself of a remarkable experience. 

Originally released on Xbox 360 in 2012, Dust is best described as a wo-dimensional Devil May Cry set in a sprawling Metroidvania universe. It was made almost entirely by one man, but it feels like it’s been precision pieced together by talent from the likes of Platinum Games so fine are its systems and ideas, so satisfying is its combat.

You’re the eponymous Dust, an anthropomorphic meerkat man warrior with amnesia who wields a talking blade and is accompanied by a shrill winged squirrel named Fidget. Your adventure takes you through ravaged villages, deep into dark cave systems, up mountains and twisting back again as you try to root out every last secret and uncover your murky past. It’s packed with hidden zones (there’s a distinct 16-bit era vibe about just how many are tucked away in the world’s crevices), and it's beefy too, with expert-level trials offering challenges beyond the usual crowd-slicing.

As a new-gen port we’re sad Dust isn’t noticeably crisper than its old-gen guise. The hand-drawn art direction’s punch is muted by fuzzier than ideal dialogue screens. Thankfully the combat and world design remain as potent as ever. We’ve waited two years for Dust to arrive on PlayStation that it’s free on Plus is one of the year’s best bargains.


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