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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dying Light: New Multiplayer Mode

Life as a walking corpse gets a bum rap. There’s no work, no bills, no awkward family get togethers, it’s just you, the hunger and the tasty fleshbag you’re about to sink a set of rotting canines into. Sadly the zombie apocalypse isn’t upon us (well, not yet) but in the meantime there’s Dying Light’s ‘Be The Zombie’ mode to look forward to, where you get to be go on, we’ll give you three guesses…

There are plenty of reasons why free running across the rooftops once the sun goes down in Techland’s spiritual successor to Dead Island is a bad idea, but first and foremost is the Night Hunter a zomboid so fast and menacing it will turn Chris Redfield into jibbering jelly. What makes the Night Hunter really special is that he’s the star of the game’s ever sotrendy asymmetric multiplayer, which pits a team of co-op players against an invading human controlled Hunter in a battle for survival.

The Night Shift
Think Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode, where players control the special infected, or a cut down version of Evolve’s ‘four regular Joes versus one angry alien monster’ gameplay. The Night Hunter is Dying Light’s most lethal predator super fast, impossibly strong and able to see every detail in the dark. He even has his own unique moveset and abilities, including a creepy ‘grapple tentacle’ for traversing huge areas of the map in no time. These are unlocked and upgraded through a special skill tree. You earn experience by successfully completing PvP rounds to level up your beastie into the ultimate player killer.

There’s a catch, however, and it’s a biggie. The co-op mode is included as standard with Dying Light, which sees you and up to three mates completing a variety of story based objectives. Possible Night Hunter invasions are an, “inherent part,” of this co-op experience according to producer Tymon Smektala, but only people who splash out for pre-order copies can actually ‘Be The Zombie’. So unless Techland offers the mode as post launch DLC, don’t expect to slip into the Night Hunter's hideously decaying skin unless you invest early.

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