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Monday, November 3, 2014

EDF Goes All Pacific Rim For New-Gen Debut

Giant Robots! Godzilla’s slightly emaciated second cousin! Guillermo del Toro-inspired fisticuffs! Lordy, we’re having a pleasure overload here. Just when you thought it was safe to scuttle past the humongous ant colony, EDF crashes PS4’s party, throwing skyscraper-sized mechs into a sizeable insect soirée.

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow Of New Despair (sexy!) marks the first time the campy alien bug-blasting series has hit PS4. Due out next year in Japan, with a Western release still to be confirmed, it drops a colossal ‘bot called ‘Mobile Fortress Balam’ into the schlocky fray.

Still, what’s a preposterously proportioned droid without a good B movie beastie? Enter Huge Monster Erginus. The fights with this scaly leviathan appear to form the core of EDF’s new standout set pieces, with the monster-on-mech showdowns capable of levelling the game’s entirely smashable cities.

buggy. There’s no faster way into our tickers than skyscraper sized fights, though. And with PS4 hopefully bringing an extra layer of technical sheen to the ant annihilating action (the long time ‘framerate’ enemy has been significantly improved), EDF 4.1 could crawl its way out of ‘bargain bin curio’ territory yet. Now, let’s all close our eyes and dream of sweet, sweet Pacific Rim pummelling.

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