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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V: the PC version of Rockstar’s Los Angeles crime saga will be the best

Grand Theft Auto V will be extra special on PC when it arrives in January. Unlike the next-gen console versions out likely by the time you read this, locked at 1080p and running at a still respectable 30fps, the PC version is confirmed to run at 4K. And that’s not all that’s new in the game’s yearplus journey from consoles to PC.

Rockstar has added a first-person mode, and it’s far from a frivolous camera switch. Features such as in-cockpit views for aircraft, FPS-style down-sight aiming and smarter character animation have been added to make it look like the game was always meant to be played in first person it’s clearly far from an afterthought. Couple that with the seriously improved reflection effects and lighting, and there’s clearly no better way to appreciate Rockstar’s brilliantly detailed interpretation of Los Angeles.
For PC gamers who might already be familiar with the console versions of GTA V, what a great way to experience this amazing world anew.

Speaking of people who couldn't wait for GTA to arrive on PC, existing players (like me) will get bonus features when they finally boot it up on Steam. New vehicles will include a Mad Max car/Knight Rider hybrid called the Imponte Duke of Death and, more excitingly, the wing-clipped Dodo plane from GTA III that required all the skill of John Travolta to pilot properly. (In case you were drawn to this article because you saw ‘John Travolta’ halfway through, he’s not in GTA V.) There’s even a more manoeuvrable blimp, which I’m so glad is a thing.

There’s extra story content too, including murder mystery side quests that unlock noirish visual filters, and new weapons and challenges. There’s no drama to uncover all this stuff if you played it on PS3 and Xbox 360, as the game detects progress via the Rockstar Social Club, the network within a network that carries across L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3 and GTA I V.

Along with an updated soundtrack, this should make the PC version of Rockstar’s open world sandbox epic the best. The other stuff is coming to consoles, too, but 4K will only happen on PC.

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