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Monday, November 3, 2014

GTA V Online Breakdown

GTA Online launched shortly after GTA V and was plagued by server problems, which meant many of you Xbox One early adopters never had the opportunity to sample this fantastic addition to the Grand Theft Auto universe. GTA Online lets you create your own custom gangster and throws you into Los Santos with a bunch of other gamers across the world over Xbox Live.

It’s chaotic, undeniably fun, and the only reason our Xbox 360 has stayed hooked up beneath the television all year. Whether we’re simply free roaming Los Santos and stealing other people’s rides, teaming up with others to rob liquor stores, taking part in custom, user created deathmatches and races, or simply murdering anyone that gives us a funny look, there’s always something to do in GTA Online. Thankfully, Rockstar has ensured that game progress will carry over to Xbox One.

So if you’ve spent the last 12 months building your criminal empire, obtaining sweet cars and acquiring a wicked cool apartment, you don’t have to worry about starting all over again. In fact, the studio is also granting all players a cool one million in cash from the get-go to help you find your feet in this dangerous world.

It’s a necessary move from Rockstar, because the player count has been upped to 30 for next-generation systems, meaning the chaos is only going to get bigger and better. In a slice of awesome news, we’ve also been told that all of the free DLC, Rockstar-verified jobs and content updates will be ready to go from launch day this November. GTA Online has quickly established itself as one of the best multiplayer experiences on Xbox, so be sure to give it a try if you get the opportunity. While we highly recommend that you take another run through the amazing single player campaign, there really is nothing quite like strolling through San Andreas with your
crew by your side.

Our advice? Get on this early and start upgrading your weaponry and vehicles, all signs point to GTA Online introducing heists in early 2015 which will let you and your buddies plan and rob some of the biggest banks in the city. They will no doubt be the toughest challenge to grace the game yet, so you’ll need to be on the top of your game.

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