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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Halo 5: Breakout, Competitive Mode Broken Down

Halo 5 introduces a new competitive mode to the series called Breakout. This is a four on four battle set in a small arena packed with cover, where Spartans have slightly less health than usual and begin with the same two weapons and one frag grenade apiece. A game of Breakout takes place over a maximum of nine rounds, with the first team to win five rounds declared the victors.

Breakout matches start with the opposing teams jumping into the arena and landing on opposite sides. Cover blocks the immediate sightlines, with a large ‘pit’ area located in the centre of the map, as well as an enclosed structure on one side containing sticky grenades, a hill on the other with extra frag grenades, and two birds-nest locations with handy battle rifles.

It’s a furious and speedy tactical engagement, with the announcer shouting out kills, and catching opposing players off-guard or outnumbering them almost guarantees the kill. It also requires much more cautious play than ‘normal’ Halo multiplayer you've less health, no respawn, and every lost comrade makes the enemy team that much stronger. The feeling as you whittle down the opposition
and four Spartans begin hunting down the last enemy in this small space is delicious, and conversely the tension when you’re that sole survivor is like nothing Halo has done before.

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