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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition / Intel Core i7-4790K

For serious gamers looking to build the fastest high end PC available, it’s impossible to look past the Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition, which marks the first eight-core processor on the market and the first to support DDR4 memory.

Whether you’re interested in 4K gaming, live streaming, video encoding your latest victory or multitasking between other resource-intensive tasks, this eight core, sixteen thread beast will effortlessly keep up with you every step of the way, with power to spare. Intel Hyper Threading technology intelligently breaks down highly threaded applications, which means the i7-5960X is optimised for present games and future-proofed for upcoming titles that take advantage of the Intel tech. Discover the maximum potential of your gaming desktop with this unlocked processor, as it entices you to safely overclock it and unleash even greater speeds. Every facet of normal computer operations, from booting up to playing the latest hardware melting games on the highest settings, is faster when armed with an Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition.

If you’re in need of a CPU upgrade, you’re in need of the Intel Core i7-4790K chip. The 4790K is incredibly speedy out of the box, and even faster when overclocked, with four cores that take full advantage of 2.0 Intel Hyper-Threading for faster processing by way of eight threads.

Put simply, this chip shines when under load and multitasking between resource-intensive tasks. It’s the first consumer-available Quad Core 4.0GHz base-frequency CPU, with an inbuilt intuitive 4.4GHz Turbo Mode for when your gaming PC needs a performance boost. That’s just the beginning. The beast of a CPU is ready and waiting for you to overclock it to its limits. Even with ambient cooling methods, you can tap into the full power of an Intel Core CPU that’s purpose-built to be pushed.

Thanks to Next-Generation Polymer New Thermal Interface Material, CPU heat is conducted more efficiently, which means cooler running temperature whether idle, under load or when overclocked. Less heat is also synonymous with lower power drainage. Reworked power management equates to a reduced energy footprint, which is great for your PSU and energy bill.

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