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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Resident Evil 7: Exclusive To Xbox One ?

If there's one franchise that has been rumoured more than any to be returning in an exclusive capacity to Xbox then it’s Resident Evil. The last two main entries in the series haven't reached the critical or commercial success of their predecessors and the franchise hasa long history with exclusivity deals in
the past, so this wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility. Not only that but Capcom has an existing relationship with Microsoft with Dead Rising twice a series exclusive to Xbox one . We'd love Resident Evil 7 to arrive exclusively on Xbox. The focus on one system would enable Capcom to remix the formula once again and take creative risks where the franchise has grown stagnant. After all, with series creator Shinji Mikami returning to his survival horror roots with The Evil Within, isn’t it about time the series that invented the genre did the same?

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