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Monday, November 17, 2014

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Prison break

Cage fighters
They wake up in separate cells, but it doesn’t take long for Claire to reach Moira. And, judging from the number of unprintable expletives she spews, Moira's not too happy about being locked up…

Blade play
Claire and Moira must tool up once reunited. Unfortunately, it takes a while to get your gun. In the meantime you'll have to make do with stabbing everything you meet. (Aim for the fleshy bits.)

Shell island
Along the way we manage to pick up a shotgun. Hooray! It only has two shells, and ammo refills are nowhere to be found. Boo! It’s also Resi-speak for ‘something bad is coming to get you’.

Hammer time
Our demo ends in a scrap with this charming fellow: a lumbering oik swinging a hammer the size of a small cow. We take a moment to fondly remember Resi 4 before shooting him to bits.

In classic Resi fashion, Claire can finish off downed enemies with melee attacks. It’s brutally satisfying, but more importantly, it saves on bullets.

Some doors remain closed until you get the right gear literally, in this case. You can’t progress until you’ve found the cog that’s locked away in a cell.

Moira can blind the Afflicted with her flashlight not that they actually appear to have eyes then destroy their heads with her crowbar. Who needs guns?

There’s usually something horrible locked in every cell and, of course, one button opens all the doors. Which lunatic designed this place?

Cell doors automatically open and close around you, which is a) scary and b) inconvenient. At least we don’t have to search for a bloody Emblem Key…

Snazzy lighting effects help bring some cheer to the gloom. Now all we need are curtains, perhaps a nice throw. Alright, maybe not.

If Jill was the master of unlocking, Moira is apparently the master of falling over. We’re kidding: she’s actually the master of saying the f-word.

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