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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Emagon: The New Game From Sony

A few days before his PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, Sony drops a new video teaser of a game, or project, mysterious.

On some wonderful images, a Spanish voice said : 
20 years is a long look around and see all that you have done You've ruled infinite places, you have conquered and liberated You built and destroyed you were the light in the face of darkness, but this time it's different this time it is real for the first time, your decisions have real consequences, they need your help, I know you can hear the power to change things is in your hands.

If the first half seems to refer to the 20 years of the PlayStation, and therefore to all the games he was allowed to play on Sony consoles, the second part seems to speak of a particular game. Is it an old license Sony ready to resurface, driven by current technology? And what the name refers Emagon? Some will read No Game, confirming the thesis of a birthday video to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand. Others see it as rather an anagram of Game On, so pointing instead to the teasing of a play.

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