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Sunday, December 7, 2014

FIFA 15: You really can Feel The Game

If you like soccer but you’re as athletic asa bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese, this game is definitely the closest you’re going to get to feeling like a pro player and it’s pretty damn close. Emotional responses are a big deal in this latest instalment, what with there being 600 new ones. Bad tackles, missed chances, epic goals; these are all responded to in a remarkably life like manner. This is best seen in the cutaway scenes, which are great and all, but the frequency of these scenes isa bit much. The slogan is “Feel The Game” and the game itself is really quite realistic in the way that players can easily miss a kick or a tackle, due to the updated AI.

The goal celebrations area nice feature. You can choose how your guys celebrate, whether it’s with a silly dance,a fist pump or whatever. This adds nicely to the subtle role playing elements in the game. There’s even a 10-man goal celebration for those 90 th minute winners that hit the back of the net, which is pretty cool.

Tactic modes are more specific (park the bus is super defensive, and all-out attack is super aggressive). This determines the players’ positions and engagements, allowing you to adopt more of a style of playing, as well as controlling their skills with your wild and panicked button mashing. In general, in-game tactics have improved. It’s much more difficult to score from corners, but the design of the interaction is better.

Attacking has gotten a bit easier, while defence is definitely more difficult higher scoring games is the result. There is better individual player control; tricks and skills are easier, making movement more effective.

As for the graphics, they've had a huge upgrade. Someone walked into my lounge and asked who’s playing. They were genuinely confused when I said “me”.  The grass is particularly fascinating and the way that the dudes splash on the field when it’s raining? Madness. Seriously.

The downside is definitely that the pick up and play factor is pretty poor and if this is your first FIFA experience, you’re going to be pretty lost. The menus are baffling, things aren't labelled plainly, and instructions are seriously unclear.

On the upside, however, Beginner mode is really, REALLY easy and Amateur is quite a bit harder; so once you’ve found your feet, you still have a decent challenge ahead of you. This applies for the higher levels too, of course. The difficulty scaling is pretty well done overall in terms of providing you with a good challenge to up your game.

All in all, a smashing game that really lets you feel the excitement and vibe of the real thing.

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