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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

When Activision announced the return of the long-defunct Sierra publishing brand, the Internet was abuzz with speculation pertaining to the games that may fall under this label. Although King’s Quest, a gem from Sierra’s past, is coming back, Sierra’s net appears to be wide, as Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will be the first game published under its name. Sierra is taking on the role of Activision’s indie label.

As the name implies, this Geometry Wars experience isn’t contained on just one plane. The series’ frantic shooting action now unfolds across three-dimensional constructs, such as cubes and spheres. A layer of challenge is added by not knowing what’s around the corner or over the horizon. The grid moves and warps in some of the stages, creating even more chaos for the player to keep tabs on.

Dimensions’ adventure mode consists of over 50 levels, complete with the series’ first boss battles. These encounters play out as their own levels, and push the player to deploy different tactics (offensive and defensive) to take these bullet sponges down. Players have more firepower to handle these situations, such as deployable turrets, detonators, and mines.

A new multiplayer component pushes players to conquer grids or accumulate the most points. This new avenue of play supports up to four-players both online and off.

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