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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign-

While everyone’s busy clamouring over the upcoming PS4 exclusive powerhouses like Uncharted 4, The Order: 1886 and No Man’s Sky, few other exclusives get a look-in. There’s another exclusive that’s been busy putting out trailers, demos and art while the gaming community picks apart others, and that is Arc System Works’Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign-.

It’s a terrible name, we agree, but the game looks like it’ll be anything but: after sinking a few hours into the Arcade mode, we’ve fallen in love with it. The 3D models Arc is using to flesh out its 2D game are gorgeous execute a special move and the camera will swing into the action like its on a giant steady cam arm, giving you new perspectives on the proceeding. It sounds jarring for a 2D fighter,

but it works surprisingly well. It’s the best looking cel-shaded game we’ve seen on a console, making even the newly released Sunset Overdrive look archaic. Yet, it’s built on the Unreal 3 engine something we’re really struggling to get our heads around amid news that a lot of Japanese games are moving to Unreal 4 and still not managing to look as good.

The Ludicrously melodramatic weather effects recall the sense of time-lapse incredulousness we've seen in the GRAW games. The dynamic weather system throws in a Blade Runner-esque cinematic downpour rather than a more realistic light drizzle, yet these kind of cosmetic touches play an important role in showing off the PS4 (the console that we tried the demo on).

Aside From A ton of returning favourites, Xrd features a couple of interesting newcomers the most interesting being the bizarrely named Bedman: a man that is, surprisingly enough, confined to a living hospital bed. There’s also two characters already confirmed as DLC add-ons Overture’s Sin, and another newcomer, Elphelt. Series-newcomer Ramlethal Valentine the game’s boss will also be playable.

Guilty Gear Xrd is an ambitious game director Daisuke Ishiwatari plans to make it a refresh for the series, opening it up to a wider audience (which shouldn't be too hard, considering it’ll be the only fighter on the PS4 system at launch). The game will also be cross-compatible between PS3 and PS4 consoles, meaning a wider install-base and longer online lifespan than 2D fighters traditionally secure.

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