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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain, the Boss in Big Boss

Hideo Kojima’s vision for Metal Gear Solid V seemed like it couldn’t get any more ambitious what with it being divided into two halves and featuring complex open-world stealth mechanics but things just got a lot bigger. Earlier in the moth it was announced that The Phantom Pain would reintroduce Metal Gear Online a PlayStation 3 feature initially launched in 2008 as a bonus with Metal Gear Solid 4 that allowed 16 players to battle online. It’s hardly a surprise that Kojima would want to bring multiplayer back in a big way for The Phantom Pain.

Having already sculpted an impressively versatile sandbox for stealth antics, we predict that there will be co-op missions that involve infiltrating bases, or even objective-based competitive modes built around the concept. We’ve already seen some suggestion that Kojima has been working on adding some PvP into the game. Earlier in the year we got a glimpse into how players can interact With each other’s Mother Bases. Having collected resources and personnel to fortify your own base, you’ll be able to invade friends’ bases online and pilfer their stuff.

Fairly straightforward, but the end of the footage gave a quick glimpse of another Snake defending his base against the invading one. Kojima’s Japan HQ isn’t handling the multiplayer side of things, with that non-too important duty handed to Kojima’s newly founded US lodgings in LA. How extensive Metal Gear Online will be, and whether it’ll be available as a standalone project like its predecessor, are all questions that you’ve probably got the answers for already. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging news that Kojima isn’t exactly skimping when it comes to content inThe Phantom Pain surely alleviating fears that he’ll pull another Ground Zeroes on us.

The steady trickle of information from Kojima’s camp has gradually been peeling back the layers that have concealed how vast The Phantom Pain is. Even a few weeks ago Kojima released another interesting titbit confirming that to interrogate soldiers of a different language players will need to recruit soldiers of the same origin to serve as translators and there’s more to come. If anything, Kojima has proven that there’s still a few surprises tucked away before the game reaches us.

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