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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Division Aims For Xmas Carnage

Everybody knows die hard’s the best Xmas film ever, but what’s the best Xmas game of all time? if macaulay culkin and creepy Pigeon lady proved anything while bringing down the sticky bandits in home alone 2, it’s that New York is synonymous with christmas.

The division creating a dystopian take on the big apple hardly screams Xmas cheer, true. Yet thanks to the care that‘s gone into the construction of its city, Ubisoft’s mmo shooter could prove to be the ultimate christmas game… even if it’s not coming out until 2015.

Slayed in Manhattan
“There are two reasons we chose New York,” says rodrigo cortes, senior brand art director on the division. “firstly, it’s like the pillar of civilisation. it encompasses everything we’ve become. it’s also rich in culture the street art, the cafes, the ethnicity.” hmm, we doubt those bistro owners will be thrilled about that pandemic, rodrigo.

With the game’s mysterious disease breaking out at the beginning of the festive shopping season, there’s a santa’s sack worth of ruined Xmas imagery throughout. festive billboards mournfully flank snow-covered manhattan streets, while the remnants of holiday-themed  pines rot on the steps of museums. 

Despite stark sights, cortes insists this is not an overly bleak game but one with some cheerful crimbo warmth still evident. “there’s hope in the imagery,” he reassures us. “if you look at our New York, it’s very colourful; more colourful than you’d expect.”

If the division can deliver on an online vision best summed up as tom clancy’s destiny, and offer more personality than Watch dogs, gaming may yet get an Xmas experience to rival John mcclane’s adventures.

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