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Friday, January 16, 2015

Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show, Review

Ubisoft’s Rabbids are still a thing. We’re not sure how, but what started as a Rayman spin-off has seen the furry-critters spawn numerous toys, games and even a kid’s animated TV show. The latter two are smashed together for Rabbids Invasion a Kinect affair that sees episodes of the cartoon play as you flail like a loon.

Our first problem with this is that ‘interactive’ bit in the title. It’s not really true. Most of the time you’re stood watching an episode unfold, when you’ll suddenly be asked to grab at thin air when you spot a poster, fire hydrant or similar on-screen. First one to move their arms when it appears wins the points. It’s not really interacting, and the more these lacklustre mini-games go on, the more likely you are to just sit down and watch the show.

On the rare occasions when the show is punctuated with something other than ‘spot the item’, you’re faced with an equally poor game. Jumping and catching falling stickers, paint a face by swinging your hand or moving your arms to perform pull-ups are all phoned-in, run-of-the-mill efforts.

Unexciting scene? Better start running on the spot. Rabbid doing a funny pose? You do it too. We’re aware it’s aimed squarely at kids, but they deserve better than this.

Positives? It’ll keep you on your feet and help your younglings stay fitter than if they were parked on their backside. And the actual TV show is mildly entertaining, but it’s all hidden behind a repetitive set of mini-games. It just reeks of a cheap, granny-tricking cash-in. Hopefully now we’ll see the Rabbids buried for good.


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