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Monday, January 5, 2015

Street Fighter V: Sony flips Microsoft the spinning bird

So after years of speculation and new versions of Street Fighter IV, it’s actually happening Street Fighter Vis finally a real thing. But that’s not even the big news. The main talking point here is that the game will only be coming to PS4 and PC (no last-gen, Xbox One or Wii U versions), and it’s worth discussing why that’s such a big deal. For one, it’s the transparency of the deal. Capcom made it clear that this isn’t a timed exclusive or ambiguously worded coup SFV is a PS4 console exclusive.

We’ve no doubt Super/Ultra/Hyper SFV will come to other platforms down the line, but the core game will launch first for us to enjoy on PS4 alone. It’s also worth considering what this means on a competitive level. While fighting games might not have quite the mass-market appeal they did when Street Fighter II exploded onto the scene,Street Fighter is still the tournament beat ’em-up of choice and when SFV inevitably takes over from SFIV as the main game at competitions, PS4 is going to become the lead platform both at the events themselves and as players practice and train beforehand.

The community is already throwing demands and wish lists at Capcom with regards to what the game should be, do and contain some are calling for a return to the purity of SFII, others for the risk-taking of SFIII while a few would be happy enough just to have an updated version of SFIV, and just about every character from the series has already been mentioned by fans who are desperate to see them return. There are no surprises on that front so far, the early build only showing off stalwarts Ryu and Chun-Li, so it’ll be interesting to see what Capcom decides to do with the roster.
The slightly more realistic style would suggest that we probably won’t see some of the stranger fighters like Twelve and Garuda returning (although that said, Blanka is basically a shoo-in as producer Yoshinori Ono never leaves home without his little green friend) but there are still a host of legacy characters absent from SFIV’s comprehensive lineup that we’d love to see again. Karin, Eagle, Maki and Urien would all be great fits for what looks to be a combo-friendly new engine, while the likes of Q and R. Mika are welcome to return any time they like. No really, bring them back. It’s likely we’ll see quite a few new faces too, although Capcom’s form with new characters is a little hit-and-miss lately Juri is awesome, sure, but trash-tier oily wrestler Hakan (we still love ya, man) and yet anothershoto in Oni aren’t quite so reassuring.

In terms of mechanical changes, not a lot has really been shown off or clarified so far. It seems SFIV’s Focus mechanic is gone, as well as potentially Ultras as well we’d welcome the removal of the comeback mechanic, but there’ll certainly be something new to replace it. We may have already seen it, in fact. Both Ryu and Chun are seen entering powered-up stances before throwing out EX versions of moves, suggesting some kind of new system at play. It could be a charge akin to Street Fighter X Tekken’s held specials (which eventually become free EX moves and even supers), or perhaps a one-use buff state like MvC3’s X-Factor. We are sure to learn more in the coming months, and we can’t wait to have a fiddle around with the new systems soon to discover some ridiculous combos with evidence of greater juggling and even OTG attacks for hitting fallen foes, it looks like there will be plenty of potential for show-stopping strings once you get a feel for each of the characters.

While we’re crossing our fingers for a 2015 release, it’s pretty obvious that Street Fighter Vis still a fair way off. In the meantime, Capcom has been good enough to confirm a PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV to keep us busy it’ll be arriving in the next few months with all of the costume DLC so far, which should make it pretty tempting for fight fans. Well, assuming the team takes a leaf out of the Skullgirls developers’ book and adds PS3 arcade stick support at least, because we would rather not shell out for yet another pair of expensive arcade sticks. Do the right thing, Capcom.

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