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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Toren: Explore a poem while uncovering the meaning of life...

It is not often that we see video games originating from Brazil, but somehow indie developer Swordtales has managed to get onto the world’s radar with Toren. The puzzle/adventure game is one of the first games being supported by Brazilian Cultural Incentive Law, and is being developed in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil.

The premise for the title is built around an epic poem, and aims to explore the greatest myth of all, the meaning of life.

“With transformation in mind, it uses an environment with a constant threat: a relentless enemy. The experience desired for the player is the human struggle against time and mortality. It leads the player through an introspective and captivating journey using the deepest concepts,” the developer explains.

For gameplay, the beautifully-crafted title takes players on a journey as they witness the birth and the growth of a lonely girl named Moonchild, guiding her on a dangerous journey of discovery and transformation as she unlocks the mysteries of the tower, known as Toren.

Exact information about the title is in a bit of short supply, but Swordtales explained that understandably “Toren is the biggest project of our lives and we have been independently developing it for three years. It’s a unique, exciting, and beautiful game with a story that truly captivates the player.”

The graphics look amazing and it seems like it is one of those games where you can just get lost in the folklore and storytelling. If you want to support a great indie studio from Brazil, it will be well worth picking up Toren you never know, it might be really good.

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