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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trove: Craftily creeping up on the creative sandbox genre

We’ve just descended into the crypt of an ancient king, slain a giant golden beetle at its bottom-most depths, and then looted a nearby chest for a chef’s hat with magical properties.

We’ve also just made friends with a dragon-faced player with a plunger stuck on top of her head, ran a dungeon together, and navigated player-built, fire-spewing traps. We’ve unlocked a skill which catapults our robotic gunslinger avatar up into the air where he can rain down bullets on the pixelated foes below, who then explode into harvestable loot for crafting purposes. We’ve just played Trove.

While instantly recognisable in form, being equal parts Minecraftian sandbox builder and World Of Warcaft-esque MMO, Trove packs a welcome array of surprises. “There’s so much more that makes it unique and fun, but I think what really stands out is the way we develop it,” says brian Clarke, lead artist.

Many hands…
“I honestly have never worked on or played a game that is so heavily focused on working with the players to give them what they want and stay connected to the entire community. a single player has the potential to have a huge influence on Trove.”

Clarke’s talking about player-built items and adventures that crop up in the game world. Join a hub and your peppy hero navigates a blocky map brimming with others all tinkering away on their own projects. Leave the safety of your Cornerstone, a home base safe haven, and you can even delve into player-made dungeons.

This is where the magic we speak of in the first paragraph happens, and where we envisage spending most of our time come launch. best get that blueprinting paper out again…

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