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Monday, February 16, 2015

Destiny: Bungie’s best Raid plans for new DLC

Traditionally, asteroid warnings are something one would usually fill their dungarees over. Just ask all those poor saps in Deep Impact. Thankfully, Destiny’s leaked ‘Comet’ announcement is far less extinction-bating, with an ‘internal photo’ from Bungie pointing to a host of new DLC packs.

We already knew about the incoming House Of Wolves DLC that focuses on those dastardly Fallen it’s set to add three story missions, one Strike, one Raid and four new PvP maps. Now it’s dated: the leak reckons you’ll want to ready your Ether Seeds for 10 March… Excitingly, the Raid allegedly takes place in a brand new location set in the Reef; the asteroid belt from the main game you visit oh-so briefly.

For more than two years we’ve known that Bungie has been planning beefy expansions in between game launches, and the first, codenamed Comet, will land on Destiny’s first birthday in Sept. If the leaked image is accurate, it’ll have so much content it could well get a standalone disc release. Hold on to your Spinmetal…

The Comet expansion is set to be called Plague Of Darkness, and features 12 new story missions, four Strikes, a new Public Event, a new class of Patrol mission types, six fresh PvP maps and, best of all, another new Raid. Oh, and a new subclass for every class. Given that there’s already space for a third in the menus, this isn’t exactly a shocker.

There’s also tantalising mention of a Hive Ship as a new location, which would tally with talk of ‘giant floating tombships’ Bungie spoke of when we visited its studio for the reveal of Destiny back in Feb 2013.

Vex marks the spot
After Plague Of Darkness, the next round of DLC is called Vex Void  and naturally focuses on everyone’s favourite metallic a-holes. Missions are set to be spread across Venus and Mars, and, like The Dark Below, it should deliver three new story missions, two new Strikes and one new Raid, along with yet more Crucible maps. Three, to be exact. 

The final part of the leaky puzzle involves a slice of DLC called Forge Of Gods, which may well be the last add-on Destiny receives before it’s treated to a full-blown sequel expected in late 2016 if those old contract plans leaked in 2012 are still valid. To complete the alien set, it’s rumoured to focus on the Cabal, though no further details are known.

Jumping back to Plague Of Darkness though: players need to be level 30 before tackling the DLC. Will newcomers be offered a boost via an extra purchase, mirroring the behaviour of fellow Activision game World Of Warcraft and its add-ons?

Even if not, the subject of price is still likely to be delicate. With The Dark Below costing a hefty £19.99, expect House Of Wolves, Vex Void and Forge Gods to weigh in at the same, while Plague Of Darkness will almost cetrtainly cost much more…

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