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Monday, February 2, 2015

EA Sports PGA Tour: Explosions! Golf! Birdies!

A part from EA’s annual golfing titles, there really isn’t many other on the market that can actually compete with the PGA Tour franchise. The series took a little bit of a break last year after the company decided to drop former World number one Tiger Woods from the cover, but this year it will be back with a bang.

EA Sports PGA Tour, as it will now officially be known, is doing a number of things a little bit differently than usual which is always a good thing as the franchise lacked innovation in the past two or so titles.

Originally to launch at the end of March, EA decided to push the title back by a number of months in order to add the necessary polish. But if you haven’t seen any screenshot just yet, do yourself a favour and go have a look it looks absolutely amazing!

Beside for the usual game mechanics and stunning graphics, EA Sports PGA Tour will feature a number of fantasy course. They have done that in the past, but what makes this one special is that it will allow gamers to play a round in an active war zone featuring battleships, fighter jets and a lot of explosions. The war zone isn’t the only course that EA will have in terms of fantasy, but it’s the only one the company revealed.

And whenever there are explosions and EA is involved, the company like to use the Frostbite engine and that is exactly what they are using for this one. It might seem a bit strange, but trust us, it is going to awesome. If you are a golfing fan, put this on your radar.

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