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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FIRE: Bumbling through the Stone Age

Ungh, the lovable yet exceedingly chaotic Neanderthal falls asleep while on his very first night watch. When morning comes and the knowledge that this necessary element to the village has gone up in smoke, Ungh is exiled from the village and must now venture out to find a new fire.

Boasting 10 beautifully hand-drawn sceneries, a vividly animated Stone Age world and enough fumbling from the disaster-prone Ungh, for a savagely hilarious story. Travel across frigid landscapes, arid lands, fiery lava pits, the innards of a dinosaur and every nook and cranny of the prehistoric world. Rich colours splashed on to each level create a visually stunning title both simplistic in its visuals yet intricate in its execution.

Featuring no text or dialogue, this title will look to thought bubbles and Ungh’s theatrical antics to tell the story. An atmospheric soundtrack from the composer of the 2013 title “The Night of the Rabbit”, will compliment this humorous exploratory adventure.

Gameplay will be built to be easy and intuitive, one click or swipe and the environment will come to life. Every object triggers a reaction from either the environment or from Ungh himself for an interactive experience.

Progress through each of the levels will require solving perceptive puzzles, alternating play style by transforming into an animal, playing hero by rescuing a damsel in distress or even shooting coconuts from a mammoth’s trunk. Day and night will also play an important aspect to puzzle solving, getting players to explore every aspect of their screens.

Fire is currently available on pre-order on Steam and Daedalic Entertainment is giving a 10% discount to all who preorder.

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