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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gaming’s Biggest Fails

Games should bloody work. They shouldn't need day one patches and updates, and they definitely shouldn't be released when the developers know they aren't finished. Right?

If that’s true, 2014 missed the memo. Never before has so much money been poured into games that were buggy, janky, or just downright broken. Assassin’s Creed Unity, Halo: The Master Chief Collection , The Crew, FIFA 15 they all suffered from issues so awful or so hilarious that they were featured thousands of times in YouTube videos. So what went wrong? Five years ago, triple-A titles like these would never be released in this sort of state. We could maybe expect it from licensed titles, but if a game like  Halo was released it would work, and it would be brilliant.

In a world of over-the-air updates, though, things have started to slip. Developers five years ago were all brought up on games that shipped on a cartridge or disc, and if they were broken when they were shipped, they stayed broken for good. There would’ve been no patch if Sonic kept falling through Green Hill Zone.

The day one patch is like a buffer for developers. The team gets a few more weeks to work on a game, in which time they can get rid of the bugs that should’ve been removed months before. We’re sick of it. We want games that work like they’re supposed to. We want games that don’t need day one updates. Let’s hope devs listen to the complaints of gamers from last year, and seek to fix games before releasing them to the public in 2015. For now, it’s time to vent we asked you which games disappointed you the most due to technical issues and glitches in the last few years, and the response was huge. Here’s what you thought.

Which recent games suffered the most from technical issues and glitches, and how did they affect your experience?

“For me: #ACUnity Just had it crash which required a restart, then it glitches up after I completed a sequence in under an hour.”

“Assassin’s Creed had some unique ones: Falling into the bottomless holes.”

“Only got X1 Xmas day so never experienced any game problems. The problem I dealt with was the servers went down on Xmas day.”

“Last time I played MCC I was working on a map and it randomly got deleted. Happened to my friends too.”

“Halo for me because I really wanted to play it but couldn’t ever get a proper game going, even co-op was borked.”

“Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, digital installation and started to ‘re download, due to corruption in mid game’? No thanks.”

“Skylanders Trap Team was full of bugs and glitches but it will never get patched. Activision starting to take the mick now!”

“FIFA 15. Arguably the laughing stock of titles in terms of in-game glitches and bugs.”

“Halo as far as I can see its still shockingly slow to get a game.”

“No more rushed games, Microsoft please stop.”

“So it’ll be just Ubi on top of the chart there haha.”

“All @Ubisoft games so far for Xbox One and PS4.”

“All of them. I can’t join any multiplayer with friends. Even the Halo 5 beta was messing up.”

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