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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nero: Press X to sleep with mother

Let me guess it’s a game about terrible emperors?
Nope, nothing to do with our favourite incestual roman madman, nero. This game is part puzzle, part visual novel, taking inspiration from the diverse likes of Journey,  Myst , Studio Ghibli and sigur rós. add to that its visual similarity to Avatar and we’re left feeling a little bit confused. storm in a Teacup is being quite vague about the story other than it being “deep” and a tale of love but this might be because the team wants it to be a personal experience.

Hrmph. if you can’t tell me about the plot, what can you tell me?
Well, we know a bit about the puzzles. There will be both story-based ones and environmental ones, with the former being necessary to progress and the latter optional extras but still important if you want to have a better idea of what’s going on. There’s also a narrator, who accompanies you on your journey, describing all the things you need to know but the story will require a lot of assembly.

Is this a game, or an ikea catalogue?
Does an ikea catalogue feature “dreamlike visuals” and a “rich interactive environment”? Well, that depends on which model  of billy bookcase you opt  for, but most of the time, no. it sounds like Nero is Myst-meets-Telltale in terms of its slowly unravelling puzzle-centric narrative.  We can’t wait to have a look for ourselves.

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