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Sunday, March 22, 2015

APB: Reloaded, Better late than never

It’s taken its sweet bloody time, but APB is finally coming to our favourite console. Admittedly, its potential impact has been softened somewhat over the decade as Rockstar has finally dragged Grand Theft Auto Vinto the online space with GTA Online, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking forward to diving into another MMO experience on Xbox One. Hell, for those growing ever frustrated by GTA Online’s server problems and limitations, this could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

APB has gone through a number of incarnations over the years, so let’s just try our best to avoid wading back through the development hell that subsequently suffocated GTA and Crackdown creator David Jones’ original vision and look to the future. That future is enveloped in crime, violence and Xbox Live shenanigans on a global scale. Essentially, APB: Reloaded tasks players with taking to the streets of the near-future city of San Paro, as either an Enforcer or Criminal, in a free-to-play PvP experience that can feature up to 100 players. This constant turf war between bad and slightly less bad (look, it might feature cops and robbers, but we know all to well that nobody is truly 100 per cent good on Xbox Live) is where most of the game takes place.
“The future is enveloped in crime, violence and Xbox Live shenanigans on a global scale”
You’ll battle over objective points in the shape of banks, convenience stores and public areas; purchase cosmetic items with a mixture of in-game cash and real-world money; make use of the game’s immense customisation options and look to become the most notorious player in all of San Paro.  APB: Reloaded might be three years old now, but that’s given Reloaded Productions the time to iron out the bugs, build upon the original promise and, hopefully, get the graphics and net-code ready for next-gen domination.

APB: Reloaded is expected to launch this year, and it’s well worth keeping an eye on. The dynamic criminal underworld is something we’ve been looking forward to sampling for a while now, we just hope it still has the capability to excite and surprise following the release of GTA Online. While Rockstar’s title is undoubtedly different in its size and scope, it does have a habit of retaining players and APB: Reloaded, by its very nature, will only spring to life if the servers are populated.

APB: Reloaded will initially task you with joining either the Enforcers or Criminals as you begin your life on the right or wrong side of the law. From there, you’re fairly free to customise your character to your heart’s content. The PC version is well loved, partly because of the huge range of options in cosmetic, weapon and vehicles available.

As a Criminal, you’ll need to get a posse and pick a target to assault, rob or overthrow. Once this act is set in motion, the game will begin to dynamically search for Enforcers appropriately levelled and equipped to deal with the threat. Once they’ve been located, it’ll issue an all-points bulletin to either kill or apprehend the Criminals basically, then it becomes game time.

APB: Reloaded is F2P, and that means it won’t cost you anything to download, install and play the game though you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. From there, you’re free to pay nothing, or spend a little cash to earn weapon and vehicle upgrades faster, deck out your character with awesome threads or fund your in-game empire.

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