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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

J-Stars Victory VS+: An action-packed anime crossover

If you’re a fan of anime, get ready to have your crossover dreams come true. J-Stars Victory VS, which launched in Japan in 2014, is coming to North America. This marks the first localization of the title for North America, and it’s also the first appearance on the PlayStation 4 in any region.

Featuring over 50 characters from the Shonen Jump series, J-Stars pits anime fighters against one another in team battles. The default setting is two teams of two primary fighters with a support fighter on each squad, but once you enter battle you focus on controlling only one character within the bout.

Each time a fighter downs an opposing character, a section of their “win” gauge fills. When a team fills three segments of that gauge, the match is over. During the course of the match, fighters also build up a victory gauge. When topped off, this allows the team to unleash powerful ultimate attacks.

Rather than using the traditional camera angle presented in most 3D fighters, the camera in J-Stars follows the fighter you’re controlling, giving it an action/adventure feel within the structure of a fighting game.

In addition to free battle, which allows players to participate in one-off fights, J-Stars features several other modes. J-Adventure implements a map-based adventure with minor exploration-based elements and optional sidequests, while Victory Road encourages players to complete specific challenges while working their way through branching ladders of A.I. opponents. J-Stars Victory VS+ introduces an all-new arcade mode, which sends players against themed sets of A.I. opponents, giving the mode more substance than arcade modes typically found in fighting games.

With a robust roster, J-Stars Victory VS+ is a game every fan of Japanese animation should keep their eyes on as the North American release approaches.

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