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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kholat: Missing hikers

Games find inspiration for their subject matter from all sorts of places, but Kholat is definitely one of the more obscure, if not a bit strange, pieces of video game we have seen in a while.

Currently in the Steam Greenlight programme, the takes it premises from an incident that happened in Russia in 1959.

Conspiracy theories aside, the tale tasks gamers with exploring what happened to nine hikers who died in the Ural Mountains.The adventure-horror game tries to uncover the events from what is known as the Dyatlov Pass incident which to this day is still unsolved.

Gamers will be thrust into the inhospitable Ural Mountains, and from the few game trailers that have been posted online, the game looks like it could have a lot of potential. Think of it as a first-person Uncharted meets Alan Wake.

The actual investigation was closed by the Russian authorities, only stating that “a compelling unknown force” had caused the deaths and this is where the game leaves it to players figure out. But naturally things will go a bit towards the weird side…

Developed by IMGN_PRO, the creators promise that it will feature a fear manager, which apparently is a tool responsible for tension in the game. This should really make things a bit interesting, as the visuals portrayed a cold, dark world in which visibility is extremely low perfect for monsters of any kind to lurk around in.

The developers are not saying too much at this stage, only that the main storyline and a lot of background plot will be left to be discovered by players themselves. It’s well worth a little bit of interest.

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