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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rainbow Six: Siege, Calculated Aggression

Do you think you’re up to the challenge of a truly hardcore round of Rainbow Six? Forget Vegas, Ubisoft is taking the series back to its one-shot one-kill roots, once again pitting terrorists against the special forces in tight environments. Tactical squad-based play is the only way to succeed, as players will need to work in tandem to confirm kills, extract VIPs and defuse bombs all while fully destructible environments can leave you exposed from literally any angle.

It’s easy to wrap your head around the design of Siege, but mastering it will be another story entirely. The terrorists will be given a short time at the beginning of each round to fortify their surroundings blocking stairwells, rigging corridors with traps and boarding up windows and doors.The Rainbow Six operatives, on the other hand, will use this time to scout the location, pick a breaching point and put some thought into a rough plan of action. What follows is a few minutes of intense, terrifying combat where any movement could be your last.

Each round will be different to the last, thanks to the destructible environments. While the terrorists and Special Forces reset their position once the last body drops, the environment will still be a mess of exploded ceilings and bullet-riddled walls. It adds a huge and fresh dynamic to each and every game. Of course, Ubisoft is yet to reveal the full suite of modes, maps and characters that will be available at launch, but we only hope the studio remembers what made this series great to begin with the  impeccable balance and great customisation options. If you’re sick of multiplayer games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield, Rainbow Six: Siege is going to offer something completely fresh, challenging and undeniably addictive.

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