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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Anna’s Quest: a fairy-tale inspired story

Anna’s grandfather has taken ill and it is up to her to find the cure. Unfortunately, the old, evil witch Winfriede has taken the child hostage and has stowed her away within a tower, hidden away deep inside the dark woods. Winfriede the witch performed cruel experiments on the young girl,  large mysterious machines designed with a purpose only the witch knows but granting the child telekinetic abilities. In light of these recent events, young Anna begins to use her telekinetic abilities in her effort
to escape. Aided by Ted, the boy turned teddy bear, Anna hopes to escape her cell and save her dying grandfather.

This title will use traditional frame-by-frame 2D animations with introductory and ending cut scenes, telling a tale inspired by The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. As creatures and characters from the Grimm fairy tales sweep into play; witches, ghosts, trolls and cursed princesses to be outsmarted or rescued they are all a  part of  young Anna’s quest to find a cure for her grandfather.

As a point-and-click adventure title, players will have to navigate through this fable-driven, black comedy with a sci-fi twist, utilizing the young Anna’s Telekinetic abilities to solve puzzles, advance through the levels while learning to control the amazing power she has been given. Traversing a variety of locations such as the local pub, church and dilapidated cottage to a bell tower housing a dragon. The mysteries continue.

Anna’s Quest features an original soundtrack and full voice acting from voice actors such as Sophie Noelle and Karen Kahler who specialize in a variety of voice-over productions including the video game industry, bringing greater depth characters and the unfolding tale.

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