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Friday, April 10, 2015

Find Final Fantasy XV’s demo secrets

Gosh, it’s big for a demo, this Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae business. What if there are enticing secrets hidden away in its crevices and you’re missing out on all of them while you chase after goblins? Well, you probably are, actually. Heed these words.

Meet the right tree and make ramuh your summon 

Emergency! The doc’s seeing a pandemic of people missing out on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae’s best bits, so he’s going to bump Spotify’s appointment and operate immediately on Noctis. Your first job should be getting Ramuh on your side as a Summon. Holy damn, he’s strong. And you can make the job very easy on yourself. First, level-up. Lots. Trust me, it’s been more than two months since I lost a patient that’s an impressive record. Then have your first painful encounter with Deadeye. Did you run away scared like the time I drilled the wrong brain-part during cranial surgery? You’re supposed to. Now, pay attention. When it’s time to visit the goblin cave, buy garula sirloin and alstroom from the Chocobo Post. Camp, cook some dry-aged tender roast stew and you’ll be immune to all the goblins’ poison effects.

Collect the phantom swords for a special attack 

 That immunity’s your key to reaching the end of the cave, touching the tree and unlocking Ramuh. But hold up there, lightning legs. There’s more in the cave for you to find while you’re spelunking. Did you know there’s a trio of Phantom Swords hidden inside Episode Duscae? And that collecting them all unlocks a magnificent new four-bladed attack? Yeah.  Yeah. After you squeeze through the second gap (the one filled with goblins) the first sword will be lodged in rock ahead. You earn the second sword for your questline scrap with Deadeye. The third is hidden, however. Locate the Digythe Haven campsite on the map, head there and look north. You’ll find it underneath the big Pride Rock-esque formation. Now you’ve got access to the tasty new Limit Break-style magic attack Armiger when you press  L1  and  R2 .

Break out of duscae and explore the wider world 

Your fun with this demo doesn’t have to be over  when the storyline’s concluded. Select the option to continue playing after the ending cinematic and you’ll be straight back in the wilds with all your EXP, weapons and Ramuh. Deadeye’s now roaming the wetlands, and we’d also suggest keeping an eye out for the ten collectable ‘cherished frogs’ to start a new quest called Unfrogettable. Quality punning, Tabata-san. But the headline act here is the ability to stick your tongue out at Square and explore beyond the demo’s borders. Go to the blue barriers at the end of the roads and wait for a car to arrive from inside the Duscae region. Stand aside to prevent it slowing, and when it’s about to pass by at full speed leap in front of the car to be pushed through the barrier. Now go marvel at the world beyond, including the giant Titan…

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