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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just Cause 3: Christofer Sundberg, Avalanche Studios co-founder Speak About The Game

How long has Just Cause 3 been in production?

We’ve worked actively on the game for three years, but before that it was a long thought process. after Just Cause 2, it felt like the series needed to be a bit more mature. during that time we set up the team in new york, and Just Cause 3 just happened to be a perfect match for them.

What did players respond to the most in Just Cause 2, if you say the tone needs to be more mature?

I think it was the freedom. when we looked at the metrics of how many players went through the story [compared] to how many just fooled around in the world it was very different. we definitely succeeded with the sandbox so we’ve built on that.

What does the team in New York do that the team here in Stockholm can’t?

Ultimately, it’s just a fresh set of eyes on the ip, and some of the guys who worked on Just Cause 2 are working on the third game. we decided to set up the new york office because we always wanted a presence there it makes it so much easier to have a us office. it bypasses the european filters, and sweden is always regarded as this little dot on the map, despite all the dices and mojangs and so on. being in new york is more of a business choice it’s closer to sweden than los angeles is, and i really don’t like la.

It’s harder and easier having part of the team there. i thought, ‘well who doesn’t want to live in new york?’, but that’s me being swedish and naïve. we’re more or less alone there as a triple-a developer we don’t have to compete with the big studios in California.

Is there any opportunity for players to set their own challenges?

Not at the moment, but i’d love to. that’s something we’d have to decide to do from the beginning of development.

GTA V reinvigorated itself on new-gen with the first-person mode. is that a possibility for JC3?

No, no i think we’d have to ship the game with a bucket. and mints.

Alright, the hard questions: why do you have a stuffed bird on your desk?

Actually, i have two. and you haven’t seen the cabinet downstairs. we had a breakin, and the cops came round, so i had to take some stuff down. anyway, one of the stuffed birds came from my ex-wife’s mother she works in a school and as they were cleaning it out she asked me if i wanted it. as for the other one, there’s a very famous journalist in sweden who used to work with my co-founder’s wife it’s complicated. we also have a mummified doberman puppy. loads of stuff.

The other hard, more serious question: will JC3 be 1080p, 60 frames per second on Xbox One?

I dunno it’s early days. i could be pulling numbers out of my ass. i have no idea yet.

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