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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Killing Floor 2: Let the (bloodied) bodies hit the…

As selling points go a, “proprietary, high-powered persistent blood system,” certainly snags the attention. “I hope PS4 players won’t start up-chucking their breakfast,” Alan Wilson tells us. The vice president of developer Tripwire is pleased as punch with the gore system in his old-school shooter which, “is done with some cunning coding,” to ensure all that claret doesn’t cause performance hits. Welcome to the blood buffet.

In this age of the progressive FPS, with its RPG trappings and episodic narrative aspirations, Killing Floor 2 is as refreshingly no-nonsense as a chainsaw to the face. And God is it gory. It’s also a frenetic shooter where you slay armies of mutated abominations either on your lonesome or with five other players in online co-op in a constant conveyor belt of slaughter. Think a little bit of vintage Timesplitters meets Serious Sam and you’re on the right track… well, with added meat, of course.
“A shooter as refreshIngly no-nonsense as a chaInsaw to the face.”
Actually, best call the acronym police that should have been MEAT. “Our Massive Evisceration And Trauma system is a huge expansion on the original game’s gore system,” says Wilson. The first Killing Floor, released on PC back in 2009, may have boasted multiple ways to slice up its fiendish Zeds, but it’s got nowt on the decapitation party this sequel is throwing. “We have about 22 dismemberment points in KF2,” Wilson continues. “We want deaths to be as unique as possible. You’ll see Zeds stumble when hit hard, bits flying off and blood all over the place.”

Zed’s Dead, Baby
It’s not all gore, of course. Killing Floor 2 actually rocks some fairly sophisticated melee combat to help you endure its breakneck brand of shooty survival horror. The type of attack your character plumps for is related to what kind of strike they bust out; moving backwards gives an uppercut, while a forward thrust results in an overhead strike.

It’s an appropriately punchy system for a game Wilson thinks is, “bloody good.” *groan* Still if the shooting can match the guts and gore you could be in for a disgusting treat.

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