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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Modern Multiplayer: The five faces of new wave MMOs

While there’s nothing exactly ‘massive’ about Destiny, it still maintains many of the facets of the MMO, like regular content drops, an endgame that revolves around the repeated completion of ‘dungeons’, and raids for better gear.

The zombie survival experience harnesses its collective group of server-wide players in a very different fashion. Here it enables emergent gameplay through a player’s own narrative rather than a scripted one, helped along by the unpredictability of other players.

The players themselves affect the narrative of Elite: Dangerous, emboldened by the regular newsletters Frontier sends out detailing changes in its digitised universe. Giving the community control is becoming the new hot MMO thing.

More akin to a large multiplayer match rather than more typically MMO ideals, PlanetSide 2 manages to hand control over to the players all the same. The command structure, direction of a force and its individuals are all driven by the players.

The idea of persistence is a key part of a number of upcoming games. The idea of being ‘always connected’ is less about your interactions with other players but instead how your actions affect the world for you and every other player.

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