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Monday, April 20, 2015

Quantum Break: A Thing Of The Past?

With Microsoft shuttering the division responsible for creating unique TV content for Xbox One, Quantum Break’s formula of mixing gameplay with live action TV seems desperately out of date before it’s even been released. It’s a product that’s already been and gone,a vision that’s long been discarded. For that reason, we’re not confident about the blending of game and TV, but, this is still a game, a er all, so let’s not write that aspect of it off just yet.

When it comes to playing Quantum Break , combat is focused on third-person cover shooting, the twist being that the game’s three main characters have access to time-based powers that give theman edge in combat, allowing them to temporarily slowtime to a crawl, for example, while still being able to move around normally within it. Things look to get interesting when enemies with similar time manipulation abilities join the fray, leading to some aesthetically and hopefully, mechanically interesting battles. 

While we don’t deny that the whole TV/game conflation has made us a bit sceptical, it’s worth noting that Remedy Studios is a developer that’s done interesting things in the past from both a mechanical and narrative perspective, both in the Max Payne and Alan Wake series in particular. For that reason alone, this is a game that deserves to catch a break.

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