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Thursday, April 2, 2015

RIOT: When games are more than just fantasy

While every game stands to be the living creation of an idea, story or myth brought to life, the genre of simulators hopes to give players a more realistic experience. Whether it’s cruising as the pilot of a Boeing 747 in Flight Simulator or agricultural aspects of Farm Simulator, the premise extends beyond fiction. RIOT is a riot simulator that isn’t merely about fictional characters in a fictional world but all about telling real stories experienced by real people.

The campaign mode takes players through four major protests that have swept across the world over the years, allowing players to become either the officials hoping to prevent the riot or the rioters bringing their point across.

The campaigns move from Italy and the NOTAV movement which opposed the creation of the new high speed railway line between Turin and Lyon in France, to the Battle of Keratea which was fought over developers deciding to construct a waste burial site in the village of Keratea, to the  Indignants Movement which encompassed the rejection of the current political system to the Tahrir Revolution in its efforts to overthrow Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; more riots from around the world will be available.

Each level will have its own setting, uniforms and activists’ clothing, to create a realistic feel to the 2D retro title. Each character will be unpredictable in their actions and reactions based on the various elements occurring within each riot, as well as crowd movements influenced by the environment for more realistic gameplay.

RIOT is currently planning to release an in-game level editor, allowing players to upload and share their levels with anyone, each level rated on quality and historical accuracy.

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