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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SteamWorld Heist: Pancake-flat battlefields with surprising depth

Is this the underground exploration game 3DS owners go on about?
Incorrect, my question-barking friend you’re thinking of SteamWorld Dig which, by the way, is also coming to Xbox one this summer, with exclusive Xbox easter eggs. but Heist is a different beast it’s a turn-based tactics game. Think XCOM, but laid out as a 2D platformer, if you like.

But surely pinning the action to a 2d playing field means less scope?
It’s a simpler game than XCOM, that’s for sure but there’s room for tactical improvisation. Positioning yourself behind oil drums or rocks shields you from gunfire you’ll often choose to forfeit your right to fire for the turn in favour of inching your heroes further across the map to a safer spot.

Defence? Zzzzz. What about our turn to fire?
Where you want to position each member of your squad will depend on the capabilities of their weapon; generally, this is a trade-off between accuracy and power. You aim with the thumbstick, and should aspire for a headshot. If a clear shot isn’t available, you might manage trick-shots by
ricocheting off walls.

Is there permadeath? Oh God, there’s permadeath, isn’t there?
Actually, no although this was the original plan. Image & Form Ceo brjánn sigurgeirsson felt that it didn’t feel right for this game he doesn’t want players to spend ages pumping up the tyres of new recruits, only for you to lose all that hard work thanks to a moment of madness.

Finally and you’re probably going to think this is a weird question are there any hats in the game?
Yes! robots absolutely love hats! In fact, there’s nothing in the universe that can successfully separate a robot from its hat nothing, perhaps, except for an attempted headshot that whistles just above their robotic bonce, knocking their hat off their silicon scalp. Do you waste your next turn on retrieving your hat as a trophy in memory of triumph over your metallic foe, or do you soldier on with a cold head? That, my strawman friend, is the very definition of ‘strategic choice’. Don’t get that in XCOM, do you?

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