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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Top five Indie curios coming to Xbox One in 2015

Styled in the striking visuals of the hand-drawn cartoons of the early 20th century, this is a run-and-gunner like we’ve never seen before. Combining RPG elements, insane boss fights, and a pact with the devil gone very wrong, Cuphead from Studio MDHR is an indie gem on XO’s horizon.

Finally it’s almost time for this long-promised beautiful roguelike from Capybara Games. It’s your job to steer a tiny adventurer through a world of ever so attractive deadly environments, and manage to survive for as long as possible before succumbing to the inevitable permadeath.

We were just saying how Playdead really need to lighten up after all the black and white deadly misery of Limbo, and lo and behold they’ve added at least two colours to Inside. So far this side-scroller has shown a boy avoiding deadly obstacles in a dangerously dystopian looking world. Disney this aint.

From new dev Storm In A Teacup, Nero is a stylish-looking visual novel following an adventurer in an unknown world. With a trailer full of luminescent giant jelly fish and two Journey-like characters in glowing cloaks, the game promises a unique first-person puzzling experience.

Plague Inc: Evolved
Currently in Early Access on PC, Ndemic Creations’ infect-’em-up is poised to sneeze all over Xbox One this year. With new disease types, contagion methods and even a multiplayer mode, Evolved promises all new ways to wipe out the world’s population as fast as possible.

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