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Friday, May 8, 2015

Infinity Runner: Review

Sometimes on a rainy day, ol’ Phil sits in his rocking chair and thinks back to 2013’s Master reboot, an unpolished gem from wales interactive that offers horror/puzzling experiences like no other. infinity runner… isn’t like that.

This time out, the welsh studio has attempted to merge temple run with Mirror’s edge, but has fallen several storeys short and instead created a first-person endless runner which doesn’t feel even close to being at home on PS4. Beneath its B-movie story about space werewolves lies a rough-edged, stumbling game in which you never feel totally confident of your control inputs because they feel so imprecise.

Turning corners requires not just a tap of the right stick but a prolonged touch, for example. How long do you need to hold it down? i’ve finished the game, and still couldn’t tell you with any certainty. the same goes for jumping, ducking and dodging 99% of your in-game duties, then.

If the game were delivered in mechanically flawless form, it might not feel so conceptually flawed and begging to be let back inside its natural mobile gaming habitat. the fact that it’s a long, long way from being so makes it impossible for me to attach any form of recommendation to it.

Well, almost any form. Maybe all that time in the rocking chair’s turned me soft, but as sure as i am that infinity runner is a bad game, it’s certainly not a game i dislike. Production values are so low, they actually hark back to cosy PS1 demo disc memories ditto the trance soundtrack and hokey sci-fi plot. in ten years, i’ll probably want to write a misty-eyed retrospective about it. Probably.


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