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Monday, May 4, 2015

Tembo The Badass Elephant: A trunk load of badassery

The mysterious masked commander and his PHANTOM troops have forced Shell City into a state of emergency. Their machines of war tear through the city leaving dust and rubble in their wake even with the National Army in defence. Who can save them from total obliteration? Only the most badass mammoth on this side of Shell City, busting villains and chomping peanuts as saviour of the people.

His name is Tembo and he is one badass elephant. With the help of his trusty avian compatriot Picolo, the two work together smashing through cars, helicopters and buildings seeking to eradicate PHANTOM and its mysterious villain leader.

From the studio that brought the famous gotta-catch-em-all adventure, Pokémon, comes this 2D side-scroller. Game Freak have collaborated with the famous SEGA team for an epic action adventure title that is surely a cross between Dr Seuss and Michael Bay.

The action happens right in the city streets where Tembo will hurtle through enemies, tanks, buildings and anything getting in the way of him and Shell City’s safety.

The unique comic-book style artwork coupled with exaggerated antics from the elephantine hero are sure to create fun gameplay and exciting fast paced level runs. 17 amazing interactive levels await: destructible objects and environments cannot withstand Tembo’s onslaught as players are set to travel through jungles, rumble across cityscapes, charge through moving trains and hurdle through many more.

Bursting out of canons, barrel rolling into enemy tanks, charging trunk first into enemies and butt busting through obstacles is part of what makes Tembo so badass and the rest of it is sure to come as this title makes its way to both console and PC.

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