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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tower of Guns: Review

Roguelike games aren’t likely to disappear any time soon in fact, the quasi-genre is starting to span other genres quite a lot, so we’re seeing more and more games that are less and less like the original Rogue game that spawned the somewhat lamentable descriptor attached to these titles.

Take, as an example of this unchecked expansion, Tower of Guns. The game isn’t particularly complex and, as the name implies, the player needs to work his way up a tower while shooting guns. Well, one gun anyway. AT the beginning of each session, the player starts at the bottom of the tower, and is given one gun… selected from ten weapons that are unlocked as the player achieves certain goals. The guns start with a pretty normal pistol (which isn’t good for much) and get crazier from there. In addition, the player gets to choose one perk to help them along.

The game alternated between too easy and overly punishing. Its randomised levels can also be inconsistent, because some of them will give the player lots of perks and buffs, while other respawns will be a little light in those departments. In addition, the game throws very varied numbers of enemies at the player, making the overall experience thoroughly unpredictable.

Tower of Guns is fun to play, although short doses are generally preferable. It does very little to help the player along, adding to the challenge. Sadly it is an ugly game, for the most part, with graphics that seem to be more functional than aesthetic.

It’s something that you can draw some enjoyment out of, but the ugly visuals and rampant inconsistency keeps Tower of Guns from rising up to become a classic.


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