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Friday, February 14, 2020

Check Out Mortal Kombat 11 Valentine's Day Event

New brutalities, characters skins, and more.

       In a bloody tribute to love, Mortal Kombat 11 will host a new Valentine's Day event. Titled the Be Mine Tower Event, the free update will run from February 13 to 14 and will take place within the Towers of Time game mode. According to the press release, love-themed modifiers will be available, including things like Cupid's Arrows, Kandy Hearts, Mileena's Teddy Bear, Falling Hearts, and Roses. If you play as Kano, Jax, or Kitana, you can unlock character skins, see new brutalities and receive player module pieces for the fighters.

Be mine… FOREVER! The Valentine’s Day Tower is now live, featuring NEW Brutalities for Kano, Jax and Kitana!

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       In other Mortal Kombat 11 updates, starting next week on February 18, the eighth season of Kombat League, the seasonal ranked mode, will begin. A new free content update titled Season of Naknadan Greed will also occur on March 17. And if you follow competitive Mortal Kombat ongoings, then be sure to catch the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition's finale, Final Kombat 2020. The event will take place on March 8 in Chicago at the Park West theater. General Admission tickets are sold out, so the only tickets available are the LCQ Kombatant + Final Kombat GA ones. Including service fees, these run at about $40. If you can't make it in-person, have no fear, because the event will be live streamed at
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If you're really excited about the new character Spawn, then it may be worth it to catch the final competition. Todd McFarlane, who created the character Spawn, and Keith David who voices him, will be at the event, as well as a few other Mortal Kombat creative team members. Fans will also get to see Spawn's gameplay for the first time too.

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